Bye Bye Fluffy...

I'm sad.. It has been a good 2 years. Not sure what's wrong with her but most probably she had cancer. She had been bleeding from time to time, but the last 2 days were her worse. Called the doc yesterday, he was supposed to visit today. Well, she didnt make it. :'( The moon was still visible this morning when i looked up at the sky. Poor her, the moon loved her too.

I thought rabbits like human, had their menstrual cycle. I googled yesterday, only did i know rabbits do not ovulate like humans. Well, i hope she wasn't in much pain (i doubt it). I hope i had been a good owner. Prolly not so perfect, after all, my first pet. No more pets for me. Very sad. I miss her already.

Giveaway By Colors City

I've always been on the look out for giveaway and always be happy to leave some messages hoping to win :p I'm just greedy heheheeh

So far, nope, din win anything. I just need to hv one look at my no. of followers, to decide that i should pass those that needed a blog entry. But this time, i wanna try this one :)

She has a lovely blog, have been clicking on her blog from time to time. Of course, the stuffs she made are just amazing. It's embarrassing even for me to look at her pictures and compare it to "work of art" hehehe.

Anyway, just hv a look at what she's offering..

Arent those buttons cute!!!!!!!!!
Those who are interested also to join in the fun, click here. Opens till 13th Dec '09 only. Hurry!

Book Cover

Yay! Finally...i've been wanting to make this for a long long long long time after i spotted someone selling it on etsy's. Been measuring my books and drawing it out on A4 papers. I'm lucky too as mairuru is kind enough to write out a tutorial :) Check out her site. I love the way she writes in her blog and the zakka stuff she has sewn..

Well, like i said, i've been wanting to make this for quite some time. I've even bought cutesy cotton fabrics online. Quite pricey and got some lousy service. I will never buy from her again. I will not mention names.. (so tempted to, but since i get everything i ordered, guess it's ok. prolly they hv a thing against sabahan.nvm..grr..) Anyway, my brain must be retarded that day. I pin the sketch on the fabric and i cut wrongly. Stewped me. Lucky can be saved ahahahah..

It's not the cutest thing, i've been sewing uphill and downhill. nvm...heheheh it's inside and u cant see after i turned the fabric nyehehehehe :D

And behold... the backside haha


And the one with my book in it.

I cant believe i finish everything in 2 hours. I thought it will be like 1 day or 2. Poked my fingers few times. Breaking the neck and back at the same time. I didnt turn the corners properly, neither did i iron. I was afraid my ribbon will be burnt by the iron. I think my lining fabric was too flimsy. But overall, it still looks neat....from far. I'll make another one soon. KK is really sad. No nice fabric. Mostly flowery. Annoying. The pictures were...hmm..i've taken them with my scratched hp cam :p

Have a good day!

Wee another one :)

The other day, when i showed the bf my completed cardholder, he requested for a hp cosy. Took me some time to get started. Well, u know me, lazy. 1 night for measurement, 1 night for sketching, 1 night procrastinating. 1 night for cutting the felts. 1 night for sewing. I've finally completed it the other night while he was out meeting.

Here it is....ta daaaaa

Actually that snap button was last minute. Apparently the felt was a tad flimsy, afraid the phone will fall out of the cosy easily.

That cute windsurf thingy was unplanned too. It looked boring, so i added something which the bf loves very much. Below are the rest of the pics.

It doesnt fit the phone very well as u can see...but i'm very satisfied with the end result. Lucky the felt was black in colour, can hardly see the flaws, instead, it made my sewing looked very neat and clean. ^_^ I promised the bf a new one when this one is deemed unusable hahaha. I assume by then, my sewing skills have improved ten-fold and prolly no mistake in measurement and sketching ahahah.

*Note: the pics in this post, as u might hv noticed, are of excellent quality (as compared to my grainy pics in prev posts). Giving some credits to the bf and most of it to his a200. :p *

*Another note : i didnt know the bf blogged bout it too. anyway here it is. He'll be describing on the technical stuff bout photography *


Hi! I've not abandoned my blog yet. Truth be told, i duno what to blog sometimes...
Anyway, this will be a short one.
It occurs to me that i need something to keep my cards. Business cards from clients and of course, my own. I used to keep them in my wallet. After some time, most of it were crumpled and some even dyed with colours (i hv no idea why). In the end, i just don't bother to bring it along with me anymore, i threw it mostly inside my drawer. I came across this blog (sorry not sure which) that features this credit card holder, so i thought, why not make something useful, since i hv tonnesssss of felt.

So, right, i made that hideous thing. took me few mins to sketch and get the correct measurement. Took me two days to finish the rest of the stitches though. I was lazy. :D

These are the rest of the pics:

I guess it can fit 20-30 cards. Amazingly, it can even fit my phone.

OOhhh.. I'm back

Hi! I'm back again from a long hiatus (everyone is using this. so i'm using it).

Hehehe i've been busy (seems like i always do). Too tired and lazy to sit down and break my bone to do any cutting. Hmm...but do not be afraid, i have not thrown out my knives and scissors yet. They are faithfully waiting for me on the table and shelves hehehehe. They are still being used, but just for a different purpose as i'm trying out new stuff.

So, yeah, I thought i'll be creative and brave sewing :p Been surfing wantonly during the day, ( not tell my boss) on some awesome and amazing craft sites where those mummies and non-mummies (me!) actually made bags, felt softies etc etc. Why dont you click lit'l brown birds's dream and felt-o-rama and tell me, dont you just love those sweet little stuff they made. Wish i can sew!

Feeling damn inspired, i ordered fat quarters online and even walk to shop for some felt boxes and um..some buttons and threads. Guess how much i've spent. Right, prolly you shouldnt know burns a tinee-wineeee hole. I shouldnt bring them up, not a big hole...

Lookie my stash! Got 'em from akma & rai! Thanks alot...superb service they have. And, nope, i've not been using them. I wrapped 'em back into that plastic bag. Precious heheeh. I'm planning to make pouches with them. I'll wait till i've enough guts to pull the sewing machine which sits just outside my door into my room. And it's sad here in KK. Cant find those cute-sy fabric. I'm only seeing batik & flowery designs..geez..even polka dots are not available.

So you might ask what i've been sewing, since i dont even use those fabric. I bought felt. LOTSA felts. Nope, din capture a shot with my lousy phone. Think the lens got scratched. Those pictas were blurry. But i'm not here to complain bout my phone cam. Look...

My 2nd attempt in felt crafting. My 1st was years back. I duno where i've thrown the little duckie. It's suppose to be a handphone thingy. But i've failed to attach the sling or watever it is. No idea how it's suppose to work. I'm stewped.

I have sewn a bag and a speckie case too with velvet during my form 5 break. I hv no idea where i've stashed it. So, yeah. I'm not really that new into sewing. But you can say i'm rusty. You know what, I dun even remember how to sew around a buttonhole hmm....

Did you see that booties? Got the template from here. I finished this over a month. Well, i've not been sewing everyday. That explains it. Looks good from far eh? Lucky me. Like i said, i dont remember how to sew the buttonhole. The button hole looks awful. Lucky there's buttons to cover heheheheeheh. Am i selling it? Nope. Y? Giving it to some baby? Nope. It's so amateurish and looked too awful that it's only for my softies. I'll try to find a bear to wear it :)

Hehehe..guess that's it. I'll be away for some time again b4 the next update. Until i've stuff to brag and blog about.

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